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Q. How do I use Apple Pay?

You can now use Apple Pay to pay for goods and services that are available from a website. After adding your products to your cart as normal, you should see an additional payment option for Apple Pay. If you see this you can then use the Touch ID sensor on your iPhone or iPad to authenticate and approve the payment. Your shipping address and payment card details are saved from your device's Apple Pay configuration.

You must be in a supported region:

  • Australia, Canada, China, France
  • Hong Kong, New Zealand, Russia
  • Singapore, Switzerland, UK, USA

and using a supported card from a participating card issuer...

while also using the latest version of iOS, watchOS or macOS with any of the following eligible devices:

  • Safari web browser
  • iPhone 6 or 7
  • iPad mini 3, 4; iPad Air 2 or iPad Pro
  • Apple Watch
  • Mac 2012 or later (using Touch ID on iPhone or Apple Watch)
  • The latest MacBook Pro 2016 with integrated Touch ID

Q. What does the 'inside photo' option look like?

The 'inside photo' option is ideally suited to show a portrait, group photo or similar image representing the sender. This adds a warm and personal touch. See the picture below for an example:

Q. Can I request a one-off bespoke commission?

Yes! We are happy to discuss unique requirements and one-off commissions for your friends, family or business. We cannot guarantee that we will have the resources available, especially at short timescales but it all depends on the request. Please email us with some details to start a discussion.

Q. How secure is my shopping experience at

At, security is our top priority. We do everything within our control to ensure our site uses the strongest and latest security features. Whenever you browse, shop or upload data to, all the data transferred between your computer and our site is fully encrypted thanks to the https SSL encryption used as standard. Look for the padlock!

We are also passionate about using open-source software for true security transparency as much as possible. We insist too on using two-factor authentication to manage our shop and access to all our sensitive data. We go the extra mile so that you can shop with confidence! 

Q. Why do I not see any social media icons under the Follow Us sections?

You should see links to our popular social media pages under the Follow Us section in the page footer. If you do not see any icons, they may be getting blocked by adblockers. Try disabling the adblocker in your browser for our site (e.g. Adblock Plus). We do not run any adverts so this should be completely harmless and you should see no changes.